Disks won't eject in Leopard

Sometimes disks (any disks, not just CD/DVDs) refuse to eject. I've tried ejecting with Disk Utility. I've tried command-line unmount. I've tried telling spotlight settings under "Privacy" to not index the drive. I've tried using lsof and fuser to find processes. Eventually, "lsof | grep VOLNAME" found fseventsd.

So, I killed the fseventsd process (don't worry, it'll restart automatically). After that, the drive could be ejected.

Will add more later.

List of ways I know of to eject

Many of these probably use the same underlying mechanism.

GUI methods:

  • Drag to trash.
  • Eject button in finder sidebar.
  • Eject menu extra (for CDs and DVDs only)
  • Disk Utility (unmount and) eject.
  • iTunes eject (this one really does work often when others don't)
  • DVD player eject

    Command line methods. Note that many of these are best preceeded by an unmount command, e.g. "/sbin/umount /Volumes/FileSystem", and in my original case above, it was the failure to unmount that caused the failure to eject.

  • disktool -e devname (use disktool -l to get the devname?)
  • drutil tray eject (CD/DVD only)
  • drutil tray open (this may be synonymous with the previous)
  • diskutil eject ...
  • hdiutil detach ... (only for disk images).

    Will add even more even later.

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    At 2010/06/20 2:09
    Ashish wrote:

    I use this command and it works for me all the time on leopard : "drutil tray open"

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