About me

I used to work for The CIS department at Ohio State University, which is where these web pages used to live. My duties mainly included user environment support, and also some systems administration. Then I went to work for UTS, doing software support for SONNET (The OSU campus network).

Now I work for the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory at Harvard University. I'll be doing web development and system support for the Chandra Science Center (but not that web page, I'll be supporting the Chandra Science Center web page for scientists. OK it turns out I do some of both)

Here's the resume that got me the new job.

No home page would be complete without some absurd picture of the person in question. That picture is getting pretty old, I'm not so thin, and not so short-haired now.

Where am I?

Work Email
(PGP public key is available)
Work phone(617) 496-7863 (but I prefer email)
Fax(617) 495-7356
Hours8:30ish to 5:00ish
Address MS 70
60 Garden Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

This is where I work. The large dark grey dome in the middle of the long horizontal wing of the building, and the square block of building under it are the oldest remaining construction, the "Sears Tower" that houses the Great Refractor. Construction began in 1844, and the telescope was installed in 1847, to peer out at a universe that was (presumably) not peering back.

This is a picture of the apartment where I used to live. Move the mouse around and some items will be identified in the status bar

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