What are the people tweeting about JWST@SXSW interested in?

The word cloud shown below contains the most common words that appear in the Twitter biographies of the people who have tweeted about JWST@SXSW. The biography of a user is only counted once, however many times that account has tweeted about JWST. Many common words have been removed, but I have not attempted to combine words that only differ in case; in particular, Space, space, Science and science are all prominent. The layout is random, so will change if you reload the page.

The data collection has now stopped.

Please read this entertaining rant about why Word Clouds can be hard to interpret.


This visualization was created using the d3.js JavaScript library and the Word Cloud placement code by Jason Davies. The idea of using Twitter user biographies as a source for a word cloud came out of a discussion with Emily Rice.