A Perl module to calculate cosmological distances, volumes, and times.

Latest Version

v0.90 of the Astro::Cosmology module: Astro-Cosmology-0.90.tar.gz (20 kb).


Sample programs & "pretty" pictures

Carroll, Press & Turner, ARAA, 1992, 30, 499-542
Angular diameter distance code GIF EPS
Differential comoving volume code GIF EPS
Lookback time code GIF EPS

Hogg, D. W., "Distance measures in cosmology", astro-ph/9905116
Angular diameter distance code GIF EPS
Comoving volume code GIF EPS
Distance Modulus code GIF EPS
Lookback time code GIF EPS
Luminosity distance code GIF EPS
Proper motion code GIF EPS

Future Plans


August 04 2001
Released v0.90 of Astro::Cosmology. More tests (thanks Brad) and change in internal structure of module to (hopefully) make it more CPAN friendly. No functional changes to v0.83.
Available from CPAN.
August 02 2001
Released v0.84 of Astro::Cosmology (minor reorganisation, no functional change to v0.83).
August 01 2001
Released v0.83 of Astro::Cosmology (added version method, renamed string to stringify, documentation & test improvements).
July 29 2001
Released v0.82 of Astro::Cosmology (added STERADIAN to the constants and improved documentation).
Added v0.51 of the PDL Astro package. This is only of interest if you have a lot of scripts that use PDL::Astro::Cosmology and want to find them, but still have them work.
July 28 2001
Released v0.81, which is the first released version in the Astro::Cosmology namespace. The Constants module has been removed from the distribution: currently a number of useful constants are provided but it would be better if there were an Astro::Constants module (see the Astroconst package).
July 23 2001
Intention is to rename to Astro::Cosmology, then release to CPAN. This won't happen until some time in August.
July 19 2001
First "official" release to the public (v0.5).

Old versions:

v0.5 of the PDL::Astro module: PDL-Astro-0.50.tar.gz (15 kb).

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