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Brad Wargelin's home page

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
60 Garden St., MS-3, Cambridge, MA 02138-1596
Office B-445 || (617) 496-7702 || bwargelin [at] cfa*harvard*edu

"Many things that are natural should be stepped on, hard." -- Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008)

Work stuff

Center for Astrophysics
Chandra public info
LETG Observer Info
Overview of what I do
XRCF Final Report--The urtext for Chandra ground calibration.
HXDS Home page--Kept for its sentimental value, and for the HXDS operations/debug guide

Major and/or Recent Chandra Calibration Projects

HRC-S gain map and LETG Background Filter (2020/2021)
HRC-S Badpix Study (2017)
LETG/HRC-S Extraction Region and Enclosed Energy Fraction (2015)
LETG Higher Order Diffraction Efficiencies (2011)
Probabilistic Deadtime and Pile-up Modeling of Pulse Height Spectra (XRCF SSD Carbon Continuum) (2009)

Past and present colleagues

LETG coves
HXDS comrades -- The Tim Norton collection, including XRCF and BESSY
UCB Kahn group -- The Golden Horde in Hawaii (2000)


cv -- (pdf) and (html)
publications -- (pdf) and (html)

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