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Project Tanagra

Timing Analysis of Grating Data
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Enter chorus

Introduction: A number of strong coronal sources have been observed with the Chandra gratings. In addition to high spectral resolution analysis, these sources can also be analyzed for their time variability.

We are carrying out a comprehensive program to analyze the temporal signatures of these sources. We plan to measure the magnitude and character of their variability, characterize their flare number distributions, and analyze the differences in behavior at different plasma temperatures, as detectable in specific spectral lines.

Homer, inspecting the Achaeans

Catalog of Cool Stars Observed with Chandra HETGS or LETGS
Name SpTyp Notes


List of Chandra Observations
Name ObsID Date Exposure

The finches, their beaks


Light curves

Spectro-temporal Variability





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This work is supported by CXC NASA Contract NAS8-39073 and Chandra grant AR0-11001X.