AstroStat Talks 2021-2022
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International CHASC AstroStatistics Centre

Topics in Astrostatistics

AY 2020-2021


Schedule Tuesdays Noon - 1:30PM Eastern Time
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Lucas Makinen (Sorbonne & CfA)
Sep 14 2021
Noon EDT
Lossless Neural Compression for Cosmological Simulations: How to compress a universe into a handful of numbers
Abstract: We present a comparison of simulation-based inference to full, field-based analytical inference in cosmological data analysis. To do so, we explore parameter inference for two cases where the information content is calculable analytically: Gaussian random fields whose covariance depends on parameters through the power spectrum; and correlated lognormal fields with cosmological power spectra. We compare two inference techniques: i) explicit field-level inference using the known likelihood and ii) implicit likelihood inference with maximally informative summary statistics compressed via Information Maximising Neural Networks (IMNNs). We find that a) summaries obtained from convolutional neural network compression do not lose information and therefore saturate the known field information content, both for the Gaussian covariance and the lognormal cases, b) simulation-based inference using these maximally informative nonlinear summaries recovers nearly losslessly the exact posteriors of field-level inference, bypassing the need to evaluate expensive likelihoods or invert covariance matrices, and c) even for this simple example, implicit, simulation-based likelihood incurs a much smaller computational cost than inference with an explicit likelihood. This work uses a new IMNNs implementation in JAX that can take advantage of fully-differentiable simulation and inference pipeline. We also demonstrate that a single retraining of the IMNN summaries effectively achieves the theoretically maximal information, enhancing the robustness to the choice of fiducial model where the IMNN is trained.
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arXiv:2107.07405 []
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Aneta Siemiginowska (CfA)
Nov 4 2021
4pm EDT
CfA Colloquium
Adventures in Astrostatistics
Abstract: Over the past two decades Chandra X-ray Observatory has collected exquisite data contributing to discoveries and significant advances in our understanding of many aspects of astrophysical phenomena. The Chandra data and the data from other modern X-ray telescopes have challenged traditional analysis methods and inspired development of new algorithms and methodologies in the growing field of astrostatistics. I will provide an overview of general issues in the analysis of X-ray data and discuss examples of significant contributions to the field brought by the CHASC astrostatistics collaboration. I will share a perspective on future challenges and discuss emerging methodologies for data science in high energy astrophysics.
CfA Colloquium
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Willow Fox-Fortino (UPenn/UDel)
Nov 9 2021
12:30pm EST
Reducing ground-based astrometric errors with Gaia and Gaussian processes
Abstract: Stochastic field distortions caused by atmospheric turbulence are a fundamental limitation to the astrometric accuracy of ground-based imaging. This distortion field is measurable at the locations of stars with accurate positions provided by the Gaia DR2 catalog; we develop the use of Gaussian process regression (GPR) to interpolate the distortion field to arbitrary locations in each exposure. We introduce an extension to standard GPR techniques that exploits the knowledge that the 2D distortion field is curl-free. Applied to several hundred 90 s exposures from the Dark Energy Survey as a test bed, we find that the GPR correction reduces the variance of the turbulent astrometric distortions #12 , on average, with better performance in denser regions of the Gaia catalog. The rms per-coordinate distortion in the riz bands is typically #7 mas before any correction and #2 mas after application of the GPR model. The GPR astrometric corrections are validated by the observation that their use reduces, from 10 to 5 mas rms, the residuals to an orbit fit to riz-band observations over 5 yr of the r = 18.5 trans-Neptunian object Eris. We also propose a GPR method, not yet implemented, for simultaneously estimating the turbulence fields and the 5D stellar solutions in a stack of overlapping exposures, which should yield further turbulence reductions in future deep surveys.
2021, AJ 162, 106 [ADS]
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Karthik Reddy (UMBC & CfA)
Nov 16 2021
Noon EST
Astrophysical Jets with Astrostatistics: Using X-ray/Radio structural differences to understand their X-ray emission
Abstract: The mechanism responsible for the kpc-scale emission from extragalactic jets constrains an important quantity: the energy the jet feeds back into the host galaxy and the cluster. Besides spectral data, observations of X-ray/radio positional offsets in these jets' individual components (or knots) provide an important clue. The first step in utilizing these offsets would be to establish their statistics and any trends that may emerge. In this talk, I will describe the application of a statistical tool called LIRA (Low-count Image Reconstruction and Analysis) to extract offsets from X-ray observations while accounting for Poisson fluctuations and emission from nearby bright sources, and will discuss the results of this work. I will also describe ongoing work on optimizing the LIRA code and understanding the effects of PSF uncertainties in analyses with LIRA.
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Frank Primini (CfA)
Dec 14 2021
Noon EST
Q&A: Statistical Challenges in the Chandra Source Catalog

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