Generic NameR.A. (J2000) hh:mm:ss.sDec. (J2000) dd:mm:ss.szClassX-ray
Assoc. opticalAssoc. radioPA w.r.t coreDist. (H=71) (Mpc)kpc/" (H=71)
PKS1421-49014:24:31.9-49:13:54 0.662QN HSyesyes+30deg3978.66.98


Gelbord et al. favored the northern component as the quasar. Now that a redshift has been measured (Godfrey et al. 2009), the core is their component 'B'.

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left: 20 GHz ATCA; center: optical; right: X-ray
From: Gelbord et al. (2005)

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