Generic NameR.A. (J2000) hh:mm:ss.sDec. (J2000) dd:mm:ss.szClassX-ray
Assoc. opticalAssoc. radioPA w.r.t coreDist. (H=71) (Mpc)kpc/" (H=71)
NGC426112:19:23.2204+05:49:30.7750.00737FRI RGinner jetno?jet-90310.15


a.k.a., 3C270. VLA image from Condon and Broderick (1988) available from NED

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X-ray (grayscale), radio (contours)
From: Zezas et al. (2005)

X-ray (grayscale). 100'' x 100'' field.
From: Chiaberge et al. (2003)
FITS available for download.

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