Generic NameR.A. (J2000) hh:mm:ss.sDec. (J2000) dd:mm:ss.szClassX-ray
Assoc. opticalAssoc. radioPA w.r.t coreDist. (H=71) (Mpc)kpc/" (H=71)
M8712:30:49.4233+12:23:28.0430.00427FRI RGknotty jetsimilar to X-raysimilar to X-ray-60160.077


The core and HST-1 (at least) are variable. This leads to some confusion as to the core location, and hence when measuring the distance from the core to various features. It is also the case that different authors obtain different features and distances. Fluxes are indicative, as measured on the 2000Jul image. (DEH)

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(top to bottom) Radio, Optical, X-ray, X-ray with Optical contours
From: Marshall et al. (2002)
FITS available for download.
FITS available for download.

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