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*imcnts* - Find counts in an extended region, after removing an embedded point source

input file: xdata$snr.qp

output file:

  xr> xspatial
  xs> imcnts
  source image file:  xdata$snr.qp              # Again for the extended emission
  source region descriptor:  box 459 510 208 266 &! c 503 513 22.5
                               # Box centered at 459, 510, of dimensions 208x266,
                    # with the point source circle excluded, &! means   `and not'
  background image file or cts/pixel: 0                           # No background
  root name for output file []:  snr       # Output table

N.B.: The use of imcnts to obtain counts in regions can lead to wrong results when more than one region is used in the same run, if there is any overlap between them, since each pixel can be assigned to ONE AND ONLY ONE region (the last one defined that includes that pixel. See ``help regions'').