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*qpsort* -- Sort a QPOE file

Sort a qpoe file using any event attribute. In addition, a filter and a region can be specified.

  xi> qpsort
  input qpoe file name: xdata$snr[pi=(1:7)]
  region descriptor: ``''  # this is the ``null string'' which will cause
                                              # entire image to be copied
  Output qpoe filename: test.qp
  event definition: medium # possibilities are: peewee, small, medium, large, region
  type of sort: position                         # sort the file spatially

This will sort the qpoe file with the y position as the primary key, and the x position as the secondary key. It is important to spatially qpsort a qpoe file that was not created from an IRAF/PROS FITS file (including MPE FITS files in the ROSAT archive). This is necessary if the qpoe file is to be used with a REGION mask.

To sort files with time as the sort key, the task timesort should be used.

To sort files according to other event attributes (e.g., pha, pi, etc.) the qp_mkindex parameter in qpsort must be changed to no.

  xi> qpsort xdata$snr ``'' out.qp medium pi qp_mkindex=no