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A Few Words About ROSAT Directories at SAO

To view an image or to work with data, you must be in the directory containing the data or specify the location of the data exactly (the pathname).

For example: Your directory might be /home/smith/ . At SAO, the ROSAT data for observation rp123456 will be in /data/rdata/godata/rp123456/ . The PROS package contains sample ROSAT and Einstein data which are in the directory /pros/xray/data which is loaded with the IRAF task ``xray''. To avoid typing long directory names within IRAF we have assigned ``logical variables'' which are recognized as aliases for the full directory name: ``xdata$'' for the directory with sample data.

Thus within an arbitrary working directory and within the IRAF environment, to look at an image the command is,

  tv> display "xdata$rp110590_im2" 1
If Einstein data are loaded at SAO they will appear in the directory /pool14/i1234/ . To view the data from Einstein IPC sequence 1234, type
  tv> display /pool14/i1234/i1234.qp 1