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MPC Data - CfA Only

The background-subtracted MPC spectra are on disk at CfA. To read MPC data into PROS, the data must be extracted from the archive and then converted to a table format suitable for the PROS spectral package. To extract the spectra from sequence 3388 type
cfa#: setenv MPCDATA /data/mpc

cfa#: /soft/mpc/mpcpros.macro 3388                        # outputfile is
                                                      # 3388.mpcpros

approximately 5 - 10 minutes are required to complete.
This is a NON-IRAF task

These data must now be converted to a table suitable for input to the PROS spectral package (xlocal.mpc.mpcspec).

mp> mpcspec
input MPC file: 3388.mpcpros
root name for output file []: m3388      #output file is