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Rebin the XSPEC PHA FITS file

Use the FTOOLS task 'rbnpha' cl> ftools ft> heasarc edit the parameter file.... infile = "raysm.fits"       Please enter PHA filename
outfile = "rs_rebin.fits"      Please enter output filename
finchan = 50       Please enter Resultant number of Channels
cmpmode = "linear"       Please enter Compression mode
error = "poiss-1"       Type of error:
(binfile = "NONE")       Please enter binfile
(properr = no)       Do you want error propagation calculation?:
(chatter = 9)       Please enter chatter flag
(clobber = no)       Overwrite output file if it already exists ?
(flpar = no)       flush pfile on assign?
(mode = "ql")       Mode
Note that the parameter 'finchan' should be a factor of the total number of channels before rebinning. he
> rbnpha An ASCII version of the final table in the fits file can be obtained with 'fdump' or on the fly with 'fv'.