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Extraction of time-sorted events

Restrict data to a region at the position 6940, 9390, with radius of 240 pixels, and make a file of time-sorted events.

input file: rp110590n00.qp

output file: rp90_sti.qp

  cfa#: cl                                           # enter iraf environment
  cl> xray                                     # Load x-ray analysis programs
  xr> xtiming                                  # Load timing analysis programs
  xt> timsort
  input qpoe file name: xdata$rp110590n00             # The original *.qp file
  output time ordered filename: rp90        # will assign the name rp90_sti.qp
  source region descriptor: c 6940 9390 240    # Circle centered at 6940 9390,
                                                   # with radius of 240 pixels
  output time ordered bkgd filename: <cr>                        # No bkg data