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Spectral Extraction of Point Sources

input file: xdata$rp110590.00.qp

output files:,,

  cl> xray
  xr> xspectral
  xs> qpspec
  source qpoe file:  xdata$rp110590                  # No *.qp extension is needed
  source region descriptor:  c 6930 9390 240           # A 240 pixel radius circle
                                                           # centered at 6930,9390
  background qpoe file: xdata$rp110590                   # From the same QPOE file
  bkgd region descriptor:  a 6930 9390 300 600  # an annulus centered at 6930,9390
                                   # with inner and outer radii 300 and 600 pixels
  root name for output file []:  rp90    #,,
If the user wants to specify a different normalization for background subtraction, or a systematic error, it must be done when using qpspec (see the qpspec help file).