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*imcopy* - Extract a small image file from a larger image

input file: rp90_a.imh

output file: rp90_aa.imh

  xr> images                                                   # need this package 
  im> imcopy rp90_a[200:263,282:345] rp90_aa 
                                             # extract 64x64 region from .imh file 

If the input file is a qp file it is necessary to specify the .imh extension on the output file. This prevents the program from trying to make an output .qp file which it cannot do. As an example we make an input file for the smoothing task which needs small arrays or it takes too long to run.

  im> imcopy xdata$rp110590.qp[6830:7029,9290:9489] rp90_ab.imh 
                                         # extract 200x200 region from the .qp file