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Determine a background subtracted radial profile

This example uses an error array to determine the errors in the radial profile.

task: imcnts

input files: vigsnr.imh;vigsnr_err.imh;xdata$

output file:

  xs> imcnts err=vigsnr_err expo=xdata$ expthr=95.0 bkgdex=xdata$snr_exp 
      bkgdth=95.0 bkgderr=vigsnr_err 
                              # Run the imcnts task with the appropriate parameters 
  source image file: vigsnr                                            # vigsnr.imh 
  source region descriptor: a 300 300 0 50 n=5 
                     # 5 annuli centered at 300,300, 0 and 50 pixels min/max radius 
  background image file or cts/pixel: <cr>          # From the same file vigsnr.imh 
  bkgd region descriptor: a 250 256 100 150                    # Annulus at 250,256 
                                                              # 100-150 pixel width 
  root name for output file []: vigsnr                 # 

The command line for imcnts is rather long, but most of these are hidden parameters and need to be explicitly given. A more convenient way to do this is to edit the imcnts parameter files, and change all the appropriate parameters. However, these will be permanently changed (until the next re-editing) for subsequent use of this task. To do so:

  xs> eparam imcnts                                # Edit with your favorite editor 
  xs> imcnts                                                # (Set in

The task will prompt for all auto parameters as above.