Date & Time of Solution 8 Apr 2010 2:00UT
Author Yingna Su
GOES Flare B3.7-class, 8-Apr-2010 2:30 UT
Axial Flux (10 20 MX) 4
Poloidal Flux (1010 MX cm-1) 1
Potential Energy (1031 ergs) 5.29
Free Energy (1031 ergs) 1.25 ± 0.36
Relative Helicity (1041 Mx2) 12.4 ± 2.3
Multi-wavelength observations of AR 11060 prior to the B3.7 flare on 2010 April 8.
The blue line ended with two circles refer to the selected filament path for inserting
the flux rope. The red and green contours represent the positive and negative magnetic
fields taken by SDO/HMI at 02:00 UT on April 8.

Magnetic fields (top row) and electric currents (bottom row) from Model 4
(Axial=5x1020 Mx, Poloidal=1010 Mx/cm).

Vertical slices of the electric currents overlaid with magnetic vectors for
Model 5 (Axial=6x1020 Mx, Poloidal=1010 Mx/cm) displayed
at six different stages during the relaxation process.

(a) Radial component of the magnetic fields at height 4.2 Mm from the model
shown in (b). (b)--(f) Vertical slices of electric currents for five different models
after 30000-iteration relaxation.

(a)--(b) SDO/AIA and Hinode/XRT images of the flaring region prior to the event.
SDO/HMI magnetic field observations are presented as red and green contours.
The red lines refer to the five manually traced coronal loops, and the other color lines
are the best-fit model field lines from Model 2. (c) Selected field
lines from Model 2 overlaid on the SDO/AIA image prior to flare.

AIA image at 94 A taken at 02:39 UT is shown in (a)--(b). The red and green
contours refer to the positive and negative magnetic fields observed by SDO/HMI
at 02:00 UT. The black dashed lines represent the PIL. The color lines in (b)
are the field lines from Model 5. (c) Vertical slice of electric currents of Model 5,
and the field lines are the same as (b). The white circles refer to the location
where the field lines are crossing the vertical plane. (d)--(e) AIA image at 193 A
taken at 03:23 UT. (f) The same current plot as (c). The field lines in (e) and (f) are
also from Model 5.

Movies Movie 1: SDO/AIA and STEREO_A observations of the flare
Movie 2: SDO/HMI observations of flux cancellations before the flare
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