To correspond with the investigations of Day and Night, we have collected a set of web sites which will show you live pictures of different places around the world. Although we cannot fly everyone to these sites, we can at least go there by way of the Internet.

  • Day/Night Globe. This is a picture of the whole Earth that you can click on to zoom in on. It is shaded according to which part of the world is having night and which is having day. You can also change your viewpoint from a plain world map to what the Earth looks like from the Sun or Moon. You can get weather features on the map as well as other features.

  • World Map. This is a site with a world map marked with red dots where there are live cameras.

  • Around the World in 80 Clicks. A guided tour around the world through 80 live cameras.

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    Author/WebMaster Tania Ruiz
    Last updated January 22, 1999