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The unprecedented spatial resolution and sensitivity of the Chandra X-ray Observatory provides a rich archive of serendipitous sources. The Chandra Multiwavelength Project (ChaMP) seeks to understand the nature and evolution of quasars, galaxies, and clusters of galaxies in a large, carefully constructed multi-wavelength survey. A team of scientists, led by staff members at the Chandra X-ray Center (CXC) with collaborators from NOAO, MIT, MMTO, SDSS, UofA, MSU, OSU, Ohio, UT, Rome, Italy and Bristol, UK, is carrying out a multi-wavelength identification program for these X-ray sources.

In addition to our extragalactic study, a Chandra Galactic Plane survey, ChaMPlane, is being led by Josh Grindlay

The ChaMP has effectively retired, and is resting on her laurels.

ChaMP Papers

The Largest X-ray Selected Sample of z > 3 AGNs: C-COSMOS & ChaMP
E. Kalfountzou, F. Civano, M. Elvis, M. Trichas, Paul J. Green, et al. 2014, MNRAS, 445, 1430

Empirical Links between XRB and AGN accretion using the complete z<0.4 spectroscopic CSC/SDSS Catalog
Markos Trichas, Paul J. Green, et al. 2013, ApJ, 778, 188
Table 1 datafile of X-ray spectral and SED fit results for 617 Chandra/SDSS AGN.

The Chandra Multi-wavelength Project: Optical Spectroscopy and the Broadband Spectral Energy Distributions of X-Ray-selected AGNs
Markos Trichas, Paul J. Green, et al. 2012, ApJS, 200, 17
Table of sources and README file.

The Field X-ray AGN Fraction to z=0.7 from the Chandra Multiwavelength Project and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey , Haggard, D., Green, P.J., Anderson, S.F., Constantin, A., Aldcroft, T., Kim, D.-W., Barkhouse, W.A. 2010, ApJ, 723, 1447 (arXiv:1004.1638)
* table of ChaMP/SDSS obsids

Probing the Balance of AGN and Star-Forming Activity in the Local Universe with ChaMP , Constantin, A., Green, P.J., Aldcroft, T., Kim, D.-W., Haggard, D., Barkhouse, W., & Anderson, S.F. 2009, ApJ, 705, 1336

A Full Year's Chandra Exposure on SDSS Quasars from the Chandra Multiwavelength Project, Green, P. et al. 2009, ApJ, 690, 644
* machine-readable data table 2: Detections.
* machine-readable data table 3: Limits.

The ChaMP Extended Stellar Survey (CHESS): Photometric and Spectroscopic Properties of Serendipitously Detected Stellar X-ray Sources, Covey, K. et al. 2008, ApJS, 178, 339

The Luminosity Function of X-ray Selected Active Galactic Nuclei: Evolution of Supermassive Black Holes at High Redshift, Silverman, J. D. et al. 2008, ApJ, 679, 118

Chandra Multiwavelength Project X-ray Point Source catalog M. Kim et al., 2007, ApJS, 169, 401

Chandra Multiwavelength Project X-ray Point Source Number Counts and the Cosmic X-ray Background, M. Kim et al., 2007, ApJ, 659, 29

ChaMP Serendipitous Galaxy Cluster Survey, Barkhouse et al., 2006, ApJ, 645, 955

Chandra Multiwavelength Project: Normal Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift, Kim, D.-W. et al. 2006 ApJ, 644, 829

Co-moving space density of X-ray-selected Active Galactic Nuclei, Silverman et al.
2005, ApJ, 624, 630

Hard X-ray emitting Active Galactic Nuclei selected by the Chandra Multi-wavelength Project, Silverman et al., 2005 ApJ, 618, 123

Discovery of a Jetlike Structure at the High-Redshift QSO CXOMP J084128.3+13110 Schwartz et al. 2004, ApJ Letters, 605, 105
Update May 2005

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