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ISSI AtomicHelioStatistics Collaboration

13-15 Apr 2016

Bern Meeting

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Agenda for the meeting
Github repository
First meeting (2015-may)
Summary of meeting by Mark Weber
Apr 13
Apr 14
Apr 15
Task List


Harry Warren
agenda and review [Apr 13]
Fe 13 paper plan [Apr 15]
Vinay Kashyap
Capella data review [Apr 13]
DEM model for Capella O7 [Apr 14]
O7 paper outline [Apr 15]
David Stenning
Pragmatic and Full Bayes implementations [Apr 13/14]
Nathan Stein
HMC STAN implementation [Apr 13]
updates to full data set [Apr 15]
Jessi Cisewski
On applying ABC to the problem [Apr 13]
Connor Ballance
The bottom-up approach to atomic data replication [Apr 13]
Trials with O7 [Apr 14]
Giulio del Zanna
The baseline approach to understanding atomic data errors [Apr 13]
Adam Foster
Correlations in atomic data replications [Apr 14]
Fabio Reale
MHD simulations of loops [Apr 14]
Frederic Auchere
How uncertain are the fitted parameters for the DEM? [Apr 14]

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