V616 Mon (A0620-00)

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From Gallo et al. (2007), ApJ, 670, 600. Jet model fit to broadband A0620-00 data with residuals. The symbols represent the data, while the solid red line is the model fit in detector space. Other indicated components are not convolved with the detector matrices nor do they include absorption, and serve only to illustrate how the various emission mechanisms and regions contribute to the continuum. Solid (gray): total spectrum; Dot-long-dashed (light green): pre-acceleration inner jet synchrotron emission; Dot-long-dashed (darker green): post-acceleration outer jet synchrotron; Dot-dash-dash (orange): Compton emission from the inner jet, including external disk photons as well as synchrotron self-Compton; Dot-short-dash (magenta): thermal multicolor-blackbody disk model plus single blackbody representing the star. See Table 7 for the fitted parameters.