Color-Color-Intensity Diagrams

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We suggest color-color-intensity (CCI) diagrams as a model independent means of identifying classes of XRBs. CCI diagrams may also provide a direct connection between magnetic field strength and mass accretion rates in these systems (see Massi and Bernando 2008). The CCI diagrams we show use the first 13 of the 15 years of RXTE ASM quick-look results provided by courtesy of the ASM/RXTE team. With energy bands (A 1.3-3.0 keV; B 3.0-5.0keV; C 5.0-12.2 keV) we define HR1 as B/A and HR2 as C/A. Intensity is scaled to the summed counts (1.3-12.2keV). We include only points that are detected at 5sigma confidence. CCI diagrams can be used to compare/calibrate observations taken with different instruments. In the figure on the right black hole systems with high mass companions are in deep blue, black hole systems with low mass companions are in green, X-ray pulsars in red, and non-pulsing neutron systems in cyan.