Tom's POVRay Bathroom Faucet

The picture above was made with this demo POV file and this faucet object POV file

About this Object

This faucet is loosely based (visual only, no measurements) on the Kohler Fairfax faucet, although it is somewhat simpler.


It's bigger than it looks, but smaller than it feels.

Problems and Future Work

The join between the straight part of the spout, and the curved part of the spout has a slight seam. The hollow end of the faucet also may have an odd seam. I should have a provision for adjusting the position of the lever and associated assembly at the top of the faucet. The main cylinder plunges downward two inches below the surface. There is probably some logo on the ceramic button on top of the real faucet.


This web page, the associated image(s), and POV files are all copyright 2004 by Thomas A. Fine (that's me!). I hereby grant free distribution rights, including for-profit uses, in full or in part, provided only that copyright notices are preserved and due credit is given.

WARNING: This POV object is based on a real object. I'm not aware of any legal issues related to the design of that real object. It is the user's responsibility to cover your ass.

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