Tom's POVRay Hand Shower

The picture above was made with this demo POV file and this hand shower object POV file

About this Object

This is three objects: a hand shower head, a wall mount bar, and a connecting hose. This is one of my least detailed objects; there's not even a clip to mount the hand shower to the sliding bar, it just floats. The hand shower itself does look pretty stylish, very rounded and cool looking. But still lacking in detail.


The wall mount bar sits along the y axis, one unit out in the postive Z direction. It extends from Y=-0.2 to Y=24.2. Most of the diameter is 1 unit, with narrowing at each end down to spheres with radius of 0.2 units. It is mounted to the wall with two rounded pads, each 3 units tall and 2 units wide.

The showerhead is about yay big. The hose is long. 'Nuff said.

Problems and Future Work

The missing clip to hook the showerhead onto the showerbar is the biggest glaring error. It lacks a lot of detail. There's no easy way to move the showerhead around and keep the hose connected to it.


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WARNING: This POV object is based on a real object. I'm not aware of any legal issues related to the design of that real object. It is the user's responsibility to cover your ass.

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