120 West California Avenue THOMAS A. FINE fine at head dot cfa dot harvard dot edu
Columbus, Ohio 43202 (614) 267-7654, Fax (614) 292-7081 http://hea-www.harvard.edu/~fine/

Objective: I Am NOT currently looking. This is my old objective:
To secure a senior position in software development in a challenging, dynamic environment.

* Twelve years software development in UNIX environments, with a strong emphasis on user interface development and user-centered design. Two years project management experience. Experience with data bases, WWW software, UNIX system programming, 3-D graphics, and sysadmin tool-smithing.
* Languages include: C, Perl, Tcl/Tk, UNIX shells, PostScript, lisp, assembler.
* Experience interacting with non-technical people in a variety of situations including help-line service, individual and group training, software usability studies, conference presentation, and vendor trade-show demonstrations.
* Strong background in computer security, including maintenance of host and network security, investigation of security incidents, development of secure protocols and authentication software, and statistical analysis of security logs.
* Extensive system administration experience in heterogeneous network environments with platforms including SunOS, Solaris, and HP/UX. Experience includes OS installation and configuration, NIS, DNS, INN, sendmail, WWW, FTP, UUCP, SNMP.

9/89 - present: The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Computer Specialist, 4/95 - present, University Technology Services
* Developed WWW-based nameserver administration software.
* Developed authentication system to provide secure access to Kerberos-based authentication; used for dial-in authentication of 50,000 users.
* Developed SNMP-based network statistics gathering software with WWW graphing interface.
* Implemented secure authentication/authorization protocol, used to enable per-host network access based on MD5-encrypted user's password.
* Responsible for routine system administration tasks.
* Installed and maintained WWW servers supporting secure http protocols.
Programmer-Analyst/Lead, 10/91-3/95, Computer Science Department
* Project manager for design and development of X11-based user interface tools to enhance users' productivity and speed training of new users.
* Installed and configured UNIX operating systems on servers and clients.
* Developed a collection of GUI applications to simulate the Mac environment in order to give beginning users point-and-click access to UNIX workstations; included a file manager, compiler interface, editor, and drag-n-drop manager.
* Developed tools for gathering and analyzing login data, used to trace security incidents and generate graphical usage reports.
* Investigated computer security incidents and implemented improvements to network and host computer security.
* Modified internals of UNIX login program to utilize access control lists for authorization.
* Maintained WWW, UUCP, FTP, and INN servers.
Student Programmer, 9/89-9/91, Computer & Information Science Department
* Developed console server software, providing logging of console output, and network access to console terminals; used to replace 32 terminals with one server.
* Configured terminal servers used for dial-in access.
* Developed account management software.
Summers 84-89: D F Electronics, Cincinnati, Ohio
Software Developer/System Administrator
* Designed and implemented data bases for inventory control and customer service.
* Implemented control software for circuit board testers.
* Handled all UNIX system administration tasks, including hardware and OS upgrades.

Awards &
* Presented a paper at LISA IV USENIX conference on console server software described above.
* Won an award in June 1994 for "Best of the Net" from O'Reilly and Associates for hypertext version of the Usenet FAQs.
* Won an award in the 1991 International Obfuscated C Code Contest for best one-liner.

Education: B.S., Computer Science, December, 1996, The Ohio State University College of Engineering, Columbus, Ohio
Coursework included concentrations in Computer Graphics and Networking.

Interests: Cycling, skiing, photography, and travel.

References: Available upon request.

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