ISDN References


  1. William Stallings, "ISDN and Broadband ISDN with Frame Relay and ATM, 3rd ed.", Prentice Hall, 1995. Excellent in-depth technical descriptions of the ISDN standard
  2. Gerald L. Hopkins, "The ISDN Literacy Book", Addison Wesley, 1995. Great for history, politics, and a light but very well done technical description of ISDN. Brings to light many of the general issues relating to the success and failure of ISDN.
  3. Hermann J. Helgert, "Integrated Services Digital Networks - Architectures/Protocols/Standards", Addison Wesley, 1991. Good detailed technical description of ISDN, somewhat more detailed than the Stallings book in some areas. Becoming out of date.
  4. John M. Griffiths, "ISDN Explained", John Wiley & Sons, 1992. A good technical introduction to ISDN. Becoming out of date.
  5. William Stallings, "Advances in ISDN and Broadband ISDN", IEEE Computer Society Press, 1992. A variety of varying quality papers on various issues.
  6. William Stallings, "Data and Computer Communications, 4th ed.", Macmillan Publishing, 1994. A good general reference for computer networking, telecommunications, etc.
  7. David Angell, "ISDN for Dummies", IDG Books Worldwide, 1995. Completely consumer oriented, contains much information that other sources ignore, but completely glosses over most details of the ISDN architecture. Includes instructions for setting up several common ISDN devices, which is useful but will soon be out of date.

WWW References

    Starting Points

  1. Dan Kegel's ISDN Page - This is basically the center of the ISDN web, mentioned most commonly as a good place to start.
  2. comp.dcom.isdn Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - A great bunch of information, mostly consumer-oriented.
  3. Network Computing's ISDN Online - some interesting articles.
  4. Ascend Frequently Asked Questions: Top - Even though it is related to Ascend products, it still has some very good general info for consumers.
  5. ISDNbook - Table of Contents A good set of info provided by PacBell.
  6. Telecom Information Resources - A searchable directory of even more web sites.
  7. Network Bibliography - a search form for a bibliography of networking papers.
  8. Information on ISDN
  9. WWW Virtual Library Comms & Telecoms: BROADBAND
  10. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Communications & Telecommunications
  11. WWW Virtual Library Comms & Telecoms: MULTIMEDIA
  12. WWW Virtual Library Comms & Telecoms: STANDARDS, TESTING AND PROTOCOLS
  13. ISDN Seite - a good list of references, many in German.
  14. Books on ISDN - Still more references.

    Information on Specific Topics

  15. Combinet's ISDN Backgrounder
  16. Common-ISDN-API
  17. Remote file - Some of the ITU Q series standards documents.
  18. Integrated Services Digital Network: An ISDN Primer
  19. ISDN Conformance Testing
  20. Cell-Relay FAQ (part 1/2)
  21. CIUG Conference on Designing and Implementing ISDN Applications
  22. Pan-European Approvals for ISDN


  23. NIST's High Speed Networks Group Home Page
  24. North American ISDN Users' Forum (NIUF).
  25. Texas ISDN Users Group (TIUG)
  26. DSP and Telecomms group (slow/broken)
  27. ZTIT
  29. ITU (formerly CCITT) (stingy about making recommendations available)

    Service Providers, Equipment Manufacturers

  30. Charlie Massel's Home Page - Internet Access Providers offering ISDN.
  31. Basic Rate ISDN from PacBell.
  32. Bellsouth - ISDN Individual Line
  33. Bellcore ISDN Home Page - National ISDN
  34. Ameritech ISDN
  35. Telecom Services (of SwissNet)
  36. NETC Home Page
  37. Stentor ISDN Services
  38. AVM, High performance ISDN
  39. Cameron Communications Group
  40. ISDN Product Developer's Guide - List of products and development resources.
  41. Ascend Communications Home Page - they make ISDN equipment.

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