This file has not been updated since 1998 (perhaps even longer).



Tape Data Recovery

No data, no charge, free evaluation. Saw a few real-life recommendations on the web. Been in tape recovery business a long time.
Computer Conversions
Recommended by HP web pages. Fairly old tape-specific company.
Vogon International
Recommended by HP web pages, and by an email response from HP tech. Long-time specialization in tape recovery.
Recommended by HP web pages. support.
Their web page implies that tape recoveries are subcontracted out: "Our business partners support a variety of operating systems...".
If we had used an ExaByte Drive, recovery would be free.
CBL Data Recovery Technologies
No data, no charge. They have a link to Computer Conversions - do they subcontract out some or all?
Data Mechanix Inc.
Free evaluation.
Data Recovery Labs (datarec.com)
Data Recovery Labs, Inc. (drlabs.com)
Advanced Data Recovery
NRI Online Inc.
Accurate Data Recovery
No data, no charge.
Data Recovery of Richmond
An OnTrack partner (subcontracter I assume).
Check out the Yahoo list of data recovery services.


Info from Penn State
HP support page
The unit we used for our backups way back then. Somewhere under here (go to "Support Files", then "Referenced Solutions") are recommendations for Computer Conversions, Vogon, and OnTrack.