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Quasar Spectral Energy Distributions

An Atlas of Quasar Energy Distributions

The Radio-Infrared-Optical-Ultraviolet-X-ray spectra (`Spectral Energy Distributions', SEDs) of quasars. ( Elvis M. B.J. Wilkes, J.C. McDowell R.F. Green, J.Bechtold, S.P. Willner, M.S. Oey, E. Polomski and R. Cutri, 1994, Ap J Supp., 95, 1.)

Radio Quiet numbers in ASCII [log frequency, log (freq * luminosity in erg/s), arbitrary normalization]

Radio Loud numbers in ASCII

Radio Quiet plot in postscript

Radio Loud plot in postscript

Radio Quiet, median Radio Loud, median

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