Associate Director:
Dr. William R. Forman
(617) 495-7210

Deputy Assoc. Director:
Dr. Alexey Vikhlinin
(617) 495-7044

Administrative Deputy:
Dr. Edward M. Mattison
(617) 495-7265

Division Administrator:
Mr. Michael P. Trischitta
(617) 495-7254

Ms. Patricia Buckley
(617) 495-7290

High Energy Astrophysics Division


David Van Stone

Contact Information:

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
60 Garden St., MS 70
Cambridge, MA 02138
Office: R-375
Phone: (617) 496-7696
Email: dvanstone -at-


I work for the Chandra X-Ray Observatory as a system administrator.

Volunteer Work:

I am a singer in and volunteer for a local LGBT classical chorus, Coro Allegro






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