The sherpa.stats module


Chi2([name]) Chi Squared statistic.
LeastSq([name]) Least Squared Statistic.
Chi2ConstVar([name]) Chi Squared with constant variance.
Chi2DataVar([name]) Chi Squared with data variance.
Chi2Gehrels([name]) Chi Squared with Gehrels variance.
Chi2ModVar([name]) Chi Squared with model amplitude variance.
Chi2XspecVar([name]) Chi Squared with data variance (XSPEC style).
Likelihood([name]) Maximum likelihood function
Cash([name]) Maximum likelihood function.
CStat([name]) Maximum likelihood function (XSPEC style).
WStat([name]) Maximum likelihood function including background (XSPEC style).
UserStat([statfunc, errfunc, name])

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of Stat, Chi2, LeastSq, Chi2ConstVar, Chi2DataVar, Chi2Gehrels, Chi2ModVar, Chi2XspecVar, Likelihood, Cash, CStat, WStat, UserStat