Chandra Haiku

Selected Chandra Haiku--by Tom Calderwood

Slew, slew, slew, slew, slew
Gyroscopes spinning wildly
I enter safe mode
Five year extension
Propellant tanks almost full
Harvey is dancing
I am the Archive
Your data just went public
No tenure for you
The Crab Nebula
Does not pulse, or so I say
A wiring error
I am flying high
Laughing at Space Telescope
In low-Earth orbit
I am a proton
My energy may be low
But I make it hurt
SIRTF will join me
Great Observatories fly
But where is Compton?
My calorimeter
In the Pacific Ocean
ASTRO-E had it
Cosmic ray, stay out
You clutter my datasets
Focal plane pirate
Pattern in the sky:
Unstoppable Lissajous
It makes me dizzy
Leonids coming
The wimps at mission control
Make me close my eyes
Different kind of chip:
Back-side illuminated
I will live longer
Falling, falling, fast
Tracking gravity's rainbow
Perigee has come
One-half arc second
My resolution is good
Leon can relax
Solar Maximum
Makes my electronics sneeze
Who picked the launch year?
Million degree gas
Color coded red, blue, green
For publication
Three, two, one, zero
Why is nothing happening?
Another launch scrub
Thermal vacuum test
People are frantic with me
I'm the ACIS door
Ready for action
Astronaut Cady Coleman
Pushes my buttons
See Centaurus A
Light delayed by centuries
Maximum jet lag
In Andromeda
A new aspect solution
The black hole has moved
I got an uplink
Your quaternion is wrong
Pagers start to beep

Poems by Tom Calderwood, Chandra X-ray Center
Inspired by Clayton Carter's candy jar