Calc News

Fri May 7 1999

  • Private constants and functions
    If you set the environment variable CALCRC to a file name, the contents of this file will be executed after declaration of default constants and functions. You can put arbitarary Perl code into that file and thus (re)declare your private constants and functions.

  • New default constants:
    use constant Jy => 1e-26*W/meter**2; use constant mJy => 1e-3*Jy;   # per Hz
    use constant A  => 1e-10; # cm

    Fri Jan 19 2007

  • First update of calc in years...
    Use Term::Readline in the standard input mode. This gives history and command line edit. I now use xterm -e calc to have it available all the time.

    BEWARE: compared with the previous version, I've added the rule that 46mp/37me is interpreted as (46*mp)/(37*me) [but 46mp/37*me is still (46mp/37)*me]

    If you suspect that something is wrong, setenv CALCDEBUG 1 and send me the output.

    Fri Jun 2 2007

  • Remove the rule that 46mp/37me is interpreted as (46*mp)/(37*me) because it interferes with more important cases like 100arcmin**2