The final ChASeM33 source catalog
(version D, 2010 Dec 13)

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This is the final version of the ChASeM33 source catalog ("D" release) which contains 662 X-ray sources (70 are "possibly/confidently" extended). The source properties are listed in the file named merged_pns4e-6_vd1.9.srclist.gz and source and background extraction region files for the merged observations are provided in allsrc_merged_vd1.9.reg. Source properties were derived in the following energy bands (in keV): 0.5-8.0, 0.5-2.0, 2.0-8.0, 0.5-1.0, 1.0-2.0, 2.0-4.0, 4.0-8.0, 0.35-1.0, 0.35-8.0, 0.35-1.1, 1.1-2.6, and 0,35-8.0. It is recommended to use the *FLUX2* values.

The ChASeM33 source catalog was created by using ACIS Extract, a software package written and maintained by Patrick Broos at Penn State University (USA). For details about the code see the ACIS Extract web page. To learn about the adopted data reduction strategy and the results, we refer to The Final Source Caftalog paper from Tüllmann et al. (2011).

This page also contains links to catalogs with plots from our spectral fitting (rsd_v1.5_fitspec_tbvarabs_bestfit_120910.pdf) and time variability analysis (rsd_v1.1_stacked_lightcrv_120910.pdf and rsd_v1.1_seq_lightcrv_120910.pdf). Mind that for the spectral fits either an absorbed powerlaw (tbabs(tbvarabs*pow)) or an absorbed thermal plasma model (tbabs(tbvarabs*vapec)) was assumed. The best-fit model is chosen according to the following criteria:
1) Reject photon indices >4.0
2) Reject plasma temperatures >6.0keV.
3) To choose between a powerlaw and thermal plasma model, check which model fits the spectrum best and therefore provides the more accurate flux.
4) If both models look reasonable, pick the one with the lower reduced Chi square value.

We also provide an ASCII file (cross_ref_vd1.9.dat) with a cross-correlation between the dected X-ray sources and other multi-wavelength data, such as optical MMT follow-up spectroscopy, imagery from Spitzer (3.6, 4.5, 5.8, 8.0mu), 2MASS (J, H, K), CFHT MegaCam (u, g, r), HST (f435w, f555w, f814w), data from the Local Group Galaxies Survey (Massey et al. 2006, U, B, V, R, I, Halpha, OIII, SII), as well as Galex (NUV, FUV) and Swift/UVOT (UVW2, UVM2, UVW1) imaging.

Currently, there are the following known issues: None

The ChASeM33 source catalog paper
(ADS link)
Tüllmann et al. 2011, ApJS 193, 31
The ChASeM33 source catalog
(FITS format)
ASCII file describing some cryptic para-
meters in merged_pns4e-6_vd1.9.srclist
All extract and mask region files
for the merged observations
Catalog with best fit spectra
Catalog with stacked
lightcurves (AcisExtract product)
Catalog with sequenced
lightcurves (AcisExtract product)
Cross correlation between ChASeM33
and other catalogs (ASCII)

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