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The IAU recommended convention for naming sources calls for an observatory prefix plus enough digits of the source position to uniquely define the source. At the time of the initial release of the HRI RRA (1998 June) the only positions available are those generated by the standard processing (SASS) for source detections. At a future time, the RRA consortium plans to merge multiple detections and define the best position from all the data. Therefore, the naming convention follows the IAU recommendations, but the initial names refer to detections rather than to `sources'. For internal purposes, we have also generated a unique label for each detection made up of the sequence number plus the source number. Note that each of these schemes is subject to occasional errors for those sequences which were processed more than once. We continue to make every effort to purge multiple SASS runs from the RRA catalog, but it must be kept in mind that from time to time, reprocessing of some data sets is required, so that in rare instances, a detection may be changed, replaced, or deleted (without warning).