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2.9.5 Viewing and Deleting

To view the hotspot in PROS;

	> xdisplay "rh123456n00.qp[key=(rawx,rawy][186:697,230:741]"
		(change coordinates for HS#2)
OR	> xexamine rh...qp[key=(rawx,rawy)]
To make a KS plot, in the xtiming package of PROS,
	> timsort rh....qp[key=(rawx,rawy)]
		region: box 441 485 20 20
	> vartst

	> ksplot
To obliterate the hotspot, use qpcopy with the same [key=...] as above and specify a region (box or circle) to be excluded.

To view the hotspot in MIDAS/EXSAS:

in EXSAS the following commands will produce "detector images (200 x 200)"
with hotspot No.1 and No. 2 in the center with the maximum resolution:

bin/image XDET,YDET 1 pixel ,340,384,540,584   *events *hs1-area
bin/image XDET,YDET 1 pixel ,3536,452,3736,652 *events *hs2-area