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XSPEC Analysis

Read the PHA spectrum (created in by using into XSPEC. Change the response matrix to ``new_mean_resp.fits'' or ``new_resp.fits'' using the ``resp'' command. Ignore the first two channels and channels where the count rate is zero, and fit as usual. Using this method, we find that the best-fit Raymond-Smith plasma temperature for 61 Cyg is 0.35 keV, and the reduced tex2html_wrap_inline425 for 7 PHA bins (channels 3-9). The PSPC spectrum between 0.5-2 KeV is well fit by a single temperature Raymond-Smith model of tempretaure 0.368 keV. The agreement is good (and may be fortuitous!)

NOTE: when displaying HRI spectra in XSPEC, do not use the ``set plot energy option''. The channel boundaries are not updated.
Mon May 11 15:21:25 EDT 1998