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Files in this Distribution
IRAF/PROS script to convert output from qpspec to a fits PHA file
ASCII file containing FITS header for PHA file. Used by
ASCII file containing FITS column names for PHA file. Used by
etc. HRI response matrices. hri_dtmat_15.fits is the original matrix derived from ground-based data. Files with ``_cs*'' appended have been shifted in channel space. ``hri_dtmat_15_cs01.fits'' has been shifted by 0.1 channels, ``hri_dtmat_15_cs02.fits'', has been shifted 0.2 channels, ``hri_dtmat_15_ cs12.fits'' has been shifted 1.2 channels and ``hri_dtmat_15_csm01.fits'' has been shifted minus 0.1 channels.
Binaries for xgain program.
Template input parameter file for xgain.
ASCII file containing dates with high voltage changes. Used by xgain.
Data cube containing BE gain information. Used by xgain.
Perl script to produce shifted response matrices. Uses output from xgain.
ASCII file containing energy points (in keV) from RMF file.
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